Liberty, Texas

February 2016

Dear Friends,


Here are some practical tips for Lenten disciplines. If you blow it and take a bite of whatever you gave up, don’t beat yourself up over it, just stop what you are doing and return to your discipline. If you are fasting and you discover that you have plopped a goodie into your mouth just stop eating and return to your discipline. I know that it would be tempting to just say, “I blew it for today” and eat all the candy or chips as you want for the rest of the day and start again fresh tomorrow. Resist the temptation and simply return to your discipline. If you added prayer to your daily routine and you realize that you have missed a prayer time, simply return to your prayer. One of the things I noticed when I fasted during the daylight hours for Lent was that I had a hard time after the time change. When the clocks were set forward for one hour I would have a harder time for that one hour than for all the other hours combined. I would have to remind myself that it was just an hour, return to your prayer, return to your fast. The last few steps are often the hardest to take. Loving those it is easy to love is difficult enough at times, return to your prayer, return to your discipline of love and take those few last steps and love those are who difficult to love. Forgiving is easier to do in some cases and with some people. When it is hard to do, don’t just give up, return to your prayer, return to your walk with God and take the last few steps and forgive. Keep a holy Lent.





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