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Friends In Deed

Friends in Deed is a mission for our church. We take care of the L.M.S. students. We have been helping these children for a number of years and our volunteers and board members are your friends and meighbors. Friends in Deed has no administrative cost, therefore all donations benefit the children. The children are identified by their teachers who have the opportunity to observe them daily and recognize those in need. We have three distributions yearly. The first, just prior to the start of the school year, at Christmas and again in the spring.

So often, we forget how very blessed our lives are. There are people in our town that are so destitute that every day is a struggle for food and shelter. The children in these situations are deeply affected by such stark poverty. Friends in Deed helps to make it possible for these children to have the basic necessities that other children take for granted.

Friends in Deed impacts the lives of many indigent children. The lives of these children are enhanced when they are provided with the opportunity to have school supplies that most of the other children have and to look like the other students look. Poverty shows and it makes a lasting impression on a child. Often these children are subject to teasing and mean treatment from their peers; the fact that they are different affects their entire lives. We make our Friends in Deed kids look like all the other children, give them school supplies and keep them warm with coats and blankets.

Our only source of funding is individual donations. Please seriously consider helping us to help these children. Your donations are tax deductible when checks are made payable to FID/FUMC (Friends in Deed/First United Methodist Church). Friends in Deed truly makes a lasting difference in the lives of many children.


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